SIMOGGA Planner is used to simulate different scenarios for the scheduling. The user interface shows the impact of the congestion in the aisles and the level of the Work-In-Progress for the different period. The Planner optimize yours goals:
  • Maximize happiness of employees and customers
  • Maximize profit
  • Minimize your ecological footprint
with limited resources (Assets such as machines, buildings, vehicles; Employees; Time; Budget); under constraints (Working hours; Skills and Affinity; Logistics conflicts). The Planner is used to validate some hypothesis about the mix product evolution, the identification of the bottleneck for a specific configuration, the investment for new machines…


  1. Use the extracted datas or configures news datas.
  2. Launch the scheduler
  3. AMIA Systems analyses the data using SIMOGGA™ Planner solutionsr
  4. AMIA Systems proposes planner improvements

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