Business process

The business process performed with our customers

1. The customer extracts his data from his ERP

2. The customer or AMIA Systems transform the data that will be analysed to propose an efficient factory layout

  • Download the file describing the data that SIMOGGA™ needs as input to perform its optimizations: AMIA-SIMOGGA-samplecase.xlsx or AMIA-SIMOGGA-trialcase.xlsx (file with the data for the Trial Version)
  • Follow the documentation available in French and English
  • Fill at least 4 mandatory columns: product code, quantity for a period, machine code where performing the operation, transfer batch size
Fill the AMIA Systems spreadsheet: AMIA-SIMOGGA-C-003-0.13-Collect_Data_from_customer.xlsx

Fill the AMIA Systems spreadsheet: AMIA-SIMOGGA-C-003-0.13-Collect_Data_from_customer.xlsx

3. AMIA Systems analyses the data using SIMOGGA™ LD solutions

Follow the documentation (in english or in french) or see the video to proceed your analysis with SIMOGGA (the video can be downloaded here if you don't access to YouTube)

1. Set the as-is situation in the real view :
  • Design the factory (borders, working areas, aisles)
  • Put all the machines at the actual location
  • Resize the border of the machines to take into account the space
  • Block any machines that cannot be moved
2. Decompose the flows in the graphical view (without technical, historical or cultural constraints):
  • Analyze the spaghetti diagram
  • Use the visualization filters to reorganize the machines
  • Duplicate the machines for better flows optimisations
  • Create independent cells with the Cell Optimizer or with the manual tool to reroute the parts
3. Test new factory layout improvements:

4. AMIA Systems proposes factory layout improvements

With the customer, different solutions are constructed and discussed with the operators, union and plant manager. SIMOGGA is the tool to help you in the construction or the improvement of your layout.

  • The visualization of the results gives you concret elements to discuss
  • The quantification of the results allows to justify your proposition
  • The interactivity of the tool gives you the opportunity to test any scenarios and use it during the meetings
  • The simplicity of use permits to include all actors concerned by the change
  • The intelligence of the tool guides you in your approach