Our SIMOGGA Solutions are built on our own graphical user interface. This User Interface allows to represent easily complex data and to analyze them with different interactive tools.
This simple and interactive solution allows operators to be involved in the development of the solution and facilitate the change management related to the reorganization.

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simogga layout design
SIMOGGA Layout Design is a unique graphical material handling system that optimizes factory layout design based on a global flow analysis. SIMOGGA guides the users through the process of improvement, but does not replace them. The software is based on the knowledge and experience collected during many years from plant managers, operators and other key players in the improvement process. The unique value of the SIMOGGA software is based on its capability to visualize, quantify and optimize a factory layout. The possibility to combine visualization and quantification of the whole change process with the necessary interactivity allows SIMOGGA to accelerate the entire change process by getting all stakeholders in line. SIMOGGA provides a global analysis of all traffic and material flows. The goal of this analysis is to optimize these flows (which will result in higher productivity and flexibility of the whole production process) and provide traceability for quality and certification purposes.


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SIMOGGA Planner is used to simulate different scenarios for the scheduling. The user interface shows the impact of the congestion in the aisles and the level of the Work-In-Progress for the different period. The Planner optimize yours goals:
  • Maximize happiness of employees and customers
  • Maximize profit
  • Minimize your ecological footprint
with limited resources (Assets such as machines, buildings, vehicles; Employees; Time; Budget); under constraints (Working hours; Skills and Affinity; Logistics conflicts). The Planner is used to validate some hypothesis about the mix product evolution, the identification of the bottleneck for a specific configuration, the investment for new machines…


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Collect data
SIMOGGA Connect is a framework to simplify the data collection. The data are collected from the ERP, MES or directly on the field through the different new technologies and convert to a standard format.

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