4 November 2015
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AMIA Systems in One Page made by STARTit @KBC

4 November 2015, Comments 0

AMIA Systems in One Page by STARTit @ KBC

And …. there is more ……

SIMOGGA Layout design: A 2D CAD solution used to visualize, quantify and optimize the facility layout
SIMOGGA Planner: An Advanced Planning & Scheduling solution (APS) to optimize your goals, with limited resources under constraints
SIMOGGA Appliance: Deliver the ..Read more

3 November 2015
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AMIA Systems auprès d’Emmanuel Macron pour les Assises de l’Industrie à Paris

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Emmanuel Macron aux Assises de l’industrie à Paris

La 6e édition des “Assises de l’industrie” organisée par Usine Nouvelle a démarré ce mardi 03 Novembre avec l’arrivée d’Emmanuel Macron, Ministre Français de l’économie, de l’industrie et du numérique.

Moment important pour rencontrer les industriels et consultants, qui comme AMIA Systems, tentent d’augmenter ..Read more

20 October 2015
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Training Ritme, the distributor of scientific software

20 October 2015, Comments 0

Today, we gave a training for the new distributor of SIMOGGA, visualize quantify optimize facility layout.

Ritme, distributor of scientific software, distributes scientifc software in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland…

29 September 2015
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Meet AMIA Systems at 12th productivity Congress FIT 2015 by FORCAM

29 September 2015, Comments 0

12th productivity Congress

AMIA Systems becomes partner of FORCAM. “FORCAM delivers an important tool for the lean manufacturing – the leading MES-technology (Manufacturing Execution System) to large, medium and small businesses. FORCAM helps corporations to boost their productivity and ultimately protect locations and jobs.”

AMIA Systems helps managers visualize, quantify and ..Read more

9 May 2015
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Israël startup ecosystem and funding in a cultural perspective

9 May 2015, Comments 0

“Israël startup ecosystem and funding in a cultural perspective” by Orly Glick  CEO of the NextIT https://www.linkedin.com/in/orlyglick

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