13 June 2013
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First aircraft’s arrive at Le salon du Bourget – Air Show in Paris

13 June 2013, Comments 0

First aircrafts arrive at the Salon du Bourget in Paris. Meet our team from Monday 17 June to Friday 21 June.

Breitling Wingwalkers aeosuperbatics

Airbus A400M Atlas

15 May 2013
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CambioWorks wordt peter van SIMOGGA-project ULB!

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30 April 2013
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AMIA Systems participates to the “Salon du Bourget” in Paris from 17 to 23 June

30 April 2013, Comments 0

Paris Air Show 2007 at Le Bourget (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The 50th Paris Air Show will take place at Le Bourget exhibition centre from 17 to 23 June 2013, and will once again bring together all the industry’s players across the globe to showcase the latest technological innovations. The first ..Read more

23 April 2013
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Article: Airbus’s Biggest A350 Vindicated as Boeing Faithful Places Order

23 April 2013, Comments 0

Less than a year ago, Airbus SAS was struggling to secure orders for its biggest A350 variant as airlines decried the plane as flawed. Now the company is trying to figure out how to meet resurgent demand…

12 April 2013
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AMIA Systems, a first introduction

12 April 2013, Comments 0

Aerospace & Defense production unitcredits:

From strategic planning to tactical execution, AMIA Systems delivers solutions applying material-flow optimisation using Cellular manufacturing methods, key enabler of increased production velocity and flexibility while reducing the capital requirements.

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