25 September 2014
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AMIA Systems meet the CNC machine tool manufacturers at AMB 2014

25 September 2014, Comments 0

AMD 2014 Wilkommen! Welcome!

AMB 2014 International Exhibition for Metal Working is finished, AMIA Systems’ team went to the exhibition to meet Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturers. “Numerical control (NC) is the automation of machine tools that are operated by precisely programmed commands encoded on a storage medium.”

17 September 2014
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AMIA Systems selected to present SIMOGGA during BuyFromStartups event

17 September 2014, Comments 0

On October 23, nine innovative young companies will offer products and services that improve operations, streamline Human Resource management, help you innovate faster and change corporate culture. Leo Exter and Stefan Schippers give a chance to Emmanuelle, our CEO, to present SIMOGGA to a large audience.

Note that Each startup will offer a special ..Read more

16 September 2014
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Meet AMIA Systems at the International Exhibition for Metal Working in Germany

16 September 2014, Comments 1

Schlossgarten Rastatt – Credits: Michael Gôricke

AMIA Systems, the producer of SIMOGGA will be present during the AMB 2014[1] exhibition those 16 and 17 September 2014.

“AMB, International Exhibition for Metal Working, has become established as a top event in even years. It occupies a leading position among the exhibitions in the industry ..Read more

12 September 2014
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Rencontre avec Alain Juppé, maire de Bordeaux

12 September 2014, Comments 0

Une vingtaine d’entreprises bordelaises spécialisées dans le numérique (ville intelligente, green-tech, smart grid, winetech,…) étaient présentes à Bruxelles ce 12 septembre 2014 et ce, grâce à l’équipe du Cluster Software[5] de l’agence Bruxelloise Impulse [6]

23 July 2014
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SIMOGGA: how can plant managers optimise their factory layout?

23 July 2014, Comments 2

From a functional layout to a Cellular layout

We have recorded a new video (18 min.) presenting the necessary steps to build an optimal factory layout based on technical and financial constraints.
The purpose of  SIMOGGA™ is to reorganise the layout of production facilities designed functionally. In this type of organisation, ..Read more

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