23 April 2015
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Emmanuelle, CEO van AMIA Systems: “Word een expert in je niche”

23 April 2015, Comments 0

NewsMonkey heeft Emmanuelle, CEO van AMIA Systems in het volgende artikel in de kijker gezet:

6 March 2015
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Airbus revolutionises our vision of the Factory of the Future 4.0

6 March 2015, Comments 1

Airbus has disclosed a video presenting its vision with regard to the plan-building facility in 2025. It combines a high level of automation, end-to-end engineering across the entire value chain, vertical integration and networked manufacturing systems, usage of cobots …

The result is a joint vision of experts from several departments:”Research ..Read more

24 February 2015
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Toyota révèle les coulisses de la production de la Mirai

24 February 2015, Comments 0

Regardez les vidéos de la production d’une Toyota Mirai:;jsessionid=FA7EA7DC0458D1DB3B59EAC40DEF81AE?&id=4257∣=1

Toyota Mirai

3 February 2015
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Factory of the future

3 February 2015, Comments 0

Agoria celebrates 7 transformations towards the factories of the future in several topics:

World class manufacturing technologies
End-to-end engineering
Digital factory
Human centered network
Production network
Eco production
Smart production systems

Further information on

3 February 2015
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AMIA Systems décroche le prix “Best Woman In Tech Startup”

3 February 2015, Comments 0

Ce lundi 2 février, lors de la remise du BetaGroup Award (, la fondatrice de AMIA Systems, Emmanuelle Vin, s’est vue octroyer le statut de la « Best Woman In Tech Startup »



Le BetaGroup Award regroupait 5 catégories de prix:

Best startup of the year:
Woman in ..Read more

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