12 June 2015
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Brussels Aeronautical Group is launched today

12 June 2015, Comments 0

The Brussels Aerospace Group (BAG) aims to federate, to promote and to defend the aeronautical related industries, research centers and other entities in the Brussels Region :

Promote Aeronautical business in the Brussels-Capital Region
Promote the collaboration between its members
Facilitate relations between Brussels-Capital Public Authorities and the aeronautical sector in the Region
Promote ..Read more

9 May 2015
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Israël startup ecosystem and funding in a cultural perspective

9 May 2015, Comments 0

“Israël startup ecosystem and funding in a cultural perspective” by Orly Glick  CEO of the NextIT

8 May 2015
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Rise of the robots at Indumation 2015

8 May 2015, Comments 0

R2D2 and Princess Leia at Indumation

Rise of the robots

Omron and the food industry

7 May 2015
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Indumation : the nocturne starts now

7 May 2015, Comments 0

Come to the nocturne of Indumation and enjoy some drinks.

The dinner come soon…

7 May 2015
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Indumation,second day just started

7 May 2015, Comments 0

Come to Indumation and let’s talk about…

Your implementation of Industry4.0 technologies to optimise your facility layout : MRO, manufacturing or office.

Do you want to collect and analyse (big) data directly from your machines to compete against low wage countries?

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