Our Values

AMIA System's mission is to help her customers to be more reactive to market demand by facilitating the process of strategic change.

Emmanuelle VIN

  • Setup time reduction
  • Lot sizes reduction
  • Work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods inventories
  • Reduction
  • Material handling cost and time reduction
  • Tooling requirements reduction
  • Space required reduction
  • Throughput times reduction
  • Control effort reduction
  • Ease in scheduling and production planning
  • Improvement in product quality
  • Highlight KPIs related to your production
  • Design the ideal factory layout based on your factory blueprint
  • Analyse and quantify the traffic of products inside the factory

SIMOGGA LD is a graphical material handling system that allows engineers to optimise a factory layoutbased on a global flow analysis using few amount of data.

This analysis takes into account the product information (batches size, setup time, process) and the machine characteristics (capacity, capabilities) to evaluate material flow distances, charge on machines.

By regrouping the production of different parts into clusters, the management of the manufacturing is reduced to manage different small entities. Those entities are called cells; they are designed using Cellular Manufacturing methods and they represent a cluster of machines that can be dedicated to the production of one part or a family of parts.

SIMOGGA relies on 10 years of intensive research in cooperation with major manufacturers. In addition we developed an intelligent user interface (SIMOGGA LD), easy to use needing few data before delivering first results. It guides the user through the process of improvement, but does not replace him/her. It feeds on the knowledge and experience collected with both plant managers and operators.

As a manufacturer, you are under intense pressure from the increasingly competitive global marketplace. You should deliver parts to customers on time while maintaining low production costs and high quality.

Your manufacturing systems should quickly adjust or respond to changes in part design and part demand without major investment.

SIMOGGA(tm) Graphical User Interface - Factory view

SIMOGGA(tm) Graphical User Interface - Factory view

You are challenged to continually improve the efficiency and productivity of your plant while keeping an eye on the following indicators:
  • ctime-to-market
  • lead-time
  • machines on the line
  • production processes
  • diverse customer needs

We work on 3 axes:
  • Presents your as-is situation both in quantitative and visual forms
  • Proposes and assesses the qualities of a new plant layout (mainly in terms of distance travelled)
  • Creates cells by optimising production flows between cells (inter-cellular) and inside the cells (intracellular). Reduces this traffic seeking processes and routing alternatives

Major features

To achieve its objectives, the interface of SIMOGGA was built using two views

A "diagram view" permits to get rid of all the technical constraints of your plant.

This view allows you to define the geometric characteristics of your machines and build the ideal layout based solely on a displacements reduction.

The user can split the flows by duplicating the machines during the simulations and evaluate associated gains.

Based on the ideal solution created with the "diagram view", the user may construct new factory layouts.

A "factory view" displays your actual or future layout under various constraints like the limits of the factory. E.g. walls, walkways, corridors or immovable machinery.

Based on those constraints you can evaluate your key performance indicators like the gains, the distance and the amount of parts displacements.

SIMOGGA(tm) Graphical User Interface - Design view

SIMOGGA(tm) Graphical User Interface - Design view

Use a powerful, easy to use, graphical tool allowing you to build your constraints based on the plant drawing.

Benchmark your as-is situation against alternative factory layouts.

Construct new factory layouts based on an ideal solution and then refine it to match your constraints.

Apply optimisation methods to improve the factory layout.

Be guided during the creation of the solution by modifying elements that can improve your traffic like changing the size of your departments or aisles, the machines orientation...

You can access the following features:

  • Display the flows and highlight the main streams
  • Display the cells
  • Display entry and exit points of the cells
  • Drag and drop objects on the factory layout (machines, cells, pathways, corridors, entrance and exit points on the boundaries of cells)
  • Resize the objects (machines)
  • And many others

SIMOGGA optimises functional layouts by converting them into working cells.

SIMOGGA demonstrates its effectiveness for any type of encountered layout (functional layout, job-shop, process layout)