A bit of history

A bit of history

A bit of history

Jan 27

AMIA Systems won the RISE prize offered by Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation

Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation, supports and stimulates development through the funding innovative projects by the most innovative Brussels start-up. AMIA Systems won the Rise, project launched by Innoviris. This programme rewards the best technological company through the allocation of a grant of as much as 100% of the costs related to the implementation of its Strategic Innovation Plan (PSI). The strategic plan that led to victory AMIA Systems is organized into three goals:

  1. To optimize the location of machines within factories, maintenance sites and warehouses using Very-Large-Scale-Integration techniques
  2. To optimize the layout of warehouses or distribution centers and build a new product SIMOGGA WMS - Warehouse Management System
  3. To drastically improve the collection of data from diverse sources such as machines and components available inside a factory, a Maintenance-Repair and Overhaul (MRO)  site or a Warehouse
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May 15


AMIA Systems is incorporated 15th May 2014 after long negotiations with our investors and several contracts signed with our first customers. It is time now to create jobs and help our future customers to compete in this world.

Feb 11

Start of project “Spin Off in Brussels”

In 2011, I started a project "Spin Off in Brussels" funded by the Brussels Region. The purpose of these three years of funding is to enhance the experience gained during my PhD, particularly through the implementation of the software, and ultimately to create a spin off. With this in mind, I'm quantify and structure the required level of production plants to identify the interest of creating a consulting company that would bring in an outside production company. Emmanuelle VIN: "My goal is to help the company improve its performance by providing my expertise in creating production cells, the application of Lean manufacturing concepts, the reorganisation of workshops"

Feb 11

The end of Emmanuelle VIN’s thesis

The purpose of this thesis was the development of the software SIMOGGA™ to reorganise the layout of production facilities organised functionally, where all machines are grouped into functional departments.
In this type of organisation, a lot of traffic (material or human) is observed through the production floor. The result of these highly complex traffic management at the workshop as well as problems of efficiency and relatively long lead time.
These plants do not generally have sufficient production volume to organise the production line dedicated entirely to one product or family of products.
By creating production cells for autographed product families, the management of the production floor is reduced to the management of "mini-workshops" that would be managed almost independently. This means a better overview and advantages such as reduced lead time, reduced setup times, increased quality, improved operator satisfaction, ...
__3898889_orig The software SIMOGGA™ was developed to help find the best deal possible cellular function of production volume, product, different variations in the production process or production routing.  The software defines the best group of machines and the best routing for each product in order to create the cells as independent as possible and to facilitate their management.